Boy Scout Troop 103

sponsored by Knights of Columbus Council 9692

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Regular troop meetings are at 6-7:30pm Sundays in the St. Jude Parish Hall





Troop 103 Calendar

dates & details subject to change

Reminder all Boards of Review must be requested ahead of time & will normally be held at troop meetings after the monthly committee meetings.

Troop 103,
Remember, if you have not, to sign up your scout for summer camp merit badges. I hope to have everyone who can show up to the Boat Safety class Mr. Justin is organizing. Also if attending NYLT from 5/26 to 5/31 remember to pack everything that you will need for the week. Another thing to remember is that the troop will make a trip to The Rock Haus in Lafayette on June 1.

Scout Links:

Istrouma Area Council:
This has information on upcoming Scout events and general information and links
about Scouting.

A link that shows the Scout uniform is:
Note Troop 103 does not use a neckerchief.  Troop 103 will provide the Patrol
patch (goes on right sleeve under the US flag) for new scouts.

A very useful link regarding Advancement requirements (i.e., progress to
Tenderfoot / 2nd Class / 1st class / etc... ranks) and Merit Badge requirements
This site has many useful links regarding the individual Merit Badges.  Merit
Badges are required for advancements beyond 1st class, with particular emphasis
on the "Eagle required" merit badges.  New scouts, if active, generally hit
First Class rank at about a year to 18 months.

Below is a link the local Scout council website has for the Scout uniform
(including its price list):

Troop Master     Photos     St. Jude the Apostle Church Home Page