Boy Scout Troop 103

sponsored by the Knights of Columbus

Summer camp: We went to Camp Rainy Mountain in Clayton, Georgia. (Northern Georgia) We stayed an entire week. There were 27 scouts and about 6 adults. For the first time ever at a summer camp, we stayed in cabins. There was a LOT of poison ivy, so we had to be very careful. We also went white water rafting! Instead of driving cars to camp, we rented a big bus. It was really cool. A couple of people got their Star scout rank which is very close to the Eagle Scout rank. We all had a lot of fun, got a lot of rank advancements, and got a lot of merit badges.

   rafting      cabin

bus   poison ivy

We built a monkey bridge, a huge fire, and almost finish the pioneering Merit Badge! 

I saw that.   cutting wood for building  field


 scouts   horse   mo horse

momo horse   mounted up

on the trail   mo on the trail

You have to be real tough to go to Philmont!



canoeing    sailing   skiing

shelter   fishing

group   CPR   harness

James Moroney, Eagle Scout Court of Honor, June 17, 2001

Josh Hartman, Eagle Scout Court of Honor, January 11, 2004

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