Please Note: We will offer Communion Service in place of Mass on Wednesday, June 30th at 12 pm. Also, the Parish Office will be closed Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day.

Social Outreach

Bereavement Food Team

This ministry serves to offer support to grieving parishioners by providing a few food trays during the funeral services of a loved one. The trays are picked up by a parishioner from a local store and delivered to an address given us by the deceased parishioner’s family member.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Blood Drive

Participants in the bi-annual blood drive, coordinated through Our Lady of the Lake hospital, allows St. Jude parishioners to donate their blood for the good of all St. Jude parishioners and the larger community. If a parishioner is hospitalized and needs blood, they contact Charmaine Biossat at the St. Jude office to have the units of blood they received credited from the St. Jude Blood Drive and not charged to their bill.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Catholic Daughters

Join a group of ladies who truly reach out and care. The CDA is the oldest fraternal organization of Catholic women (18 or older) in the US providing individual, corporate, social and spiritual services on the parochial, diocesan, state and national levels. Regent is Maureen Williams.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Christmas Giving Tree

Volunteers assist with the placing of the Christmas gift request ornaments for the underprivileged on the Christmas trees in church the week before Thanksgiving. After the gifts are returned to the church office, the ministry members gather to help sort the gifts into family bags and help distribute them. This time-sensitive program is done within a few week time period for a commitment of 1-2 days.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Greetings by Mail

Ministry members mail cards from St. Jude Parish to parishioners who have been hospitalized, or who have lost a family member. Cards are a way to let our parishioners know that we care and are thinking of them.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Homebound Ministry

These volunteers visit and pray with St. Jude parishioners who have become homebound; they occasionally check on a homebound parishioner’s welfare and safety during extreme weather by telephone.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Hospital Visitation

The ministry members visit St. Jude parishioners in area hospitals when the church office has been notified of a hospitalization. Family members of parishioners are encouraged to contact the church office each time their loved one is hospitalized.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or


These volunteers assist with parish receptions and/or special events, including missions, sacramental receptions, etc. (3-5 times a year) Volunteers share their talents of organizing, floral arranging, baking goodies, being hosts/hostesses and offering a friendly smile.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Jobs for Life Ministry

Jobs for Life engages and equips the local Church to address the impacts of joblessness through the dignity of work.  This is a national non-profit organization that mobilizes churches and community organizations to prepare men and women for success at work and at life. JfL training classes are taking place in over 140 cities and 34 states in urban and suburban churches and many different types of community ministries teaching people biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. Through JfL, men and women are not only going to work, they are experiencing life - a life filled with confidence, learning, coaching, self-esteem, and faith.

Contact: Reginald Brown, JFL Site Leader, 575-756-8356,

Junior Catholic Daughters of America (JCDA)

Make friends while serving Jesus and His Church: help the less fortunate, serve the elderly and attend prayer vigils as a ministry youth group. JCDA was founded by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas in 1926. It is a national organization with a mission to nurture personal and spiritual growth through activities that focus on Christ’s message, service and community. Membership is open to young ladies ages 6 to 18 years of age.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Prison Outreach

A group of men who are trained to bring the Eucharist, prayer and Catholic reading materials to the Catholic inmates in the maximum security lockdown units at Angola once a month. This gives male parishioners the chance to make a difference in a person’s life.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

St. Anne Ministry

Members of this ministry welcome newly baptized infants in our community and support their families by sending congratulation cards, sharing on a parish level in the joyous occasion.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

St. Martha Ministry

Members gather during the day or night in groups that knit and/or crochet lap blankets, shawls and hats for the homebound in our parish. Baby items made are brought to the Children’s ward at OLOL hospital occasionally.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

St. Vincent de Paul

Men and women show dedicated love and care in personal service to the poor. The members of this ministry conduct independent interviews with each applicant at the parish hall. Assistance is provided on the basis of need after screening of applicants. They also prepare and distribute Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets to the needy each year. The members meet on Monday afternoons (except for holidays) from 5:00pm - 6:00pm in the parish hall. Recipients of funds must bring a picture ID, a copy of their lease agreement and the bill they need assistance with.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or